The beginning

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Unlike my companions and friends from SEED, I lived the majority of my orientation near my family, friends, church, and girlfriend, meaning that really my goodbye was the day that I left Bogotá for the city of Medellín.

For two months, I shared life with these new people who were very different from me and the people that I am used to, but something that I was unable to understand from the beginning of this new phase is that even with all of the differences that we have in the SEED group, we always are going to have connections.

I have a very special symbol that reminds me of these connections, these ties with my friends from SEED.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

When we began our orientation in Bolivia, we started with an activity called “spider web,” in which we had to say a characteristic about ourselves and someone who had the same characteristic raised his or her hand and a ball of yarn was passed to him or her.  Each person did this until a spider web was formed.

At the end, each person cut a piece of yarn and tied it around his or her wrist or ankle.  This meant a lot to me, keeping in mind that I am the youngest of the group, because I felt part of a family, a very different family, but a family that I felt had my back and supported me.

These first months helped us make strong connections within in the group, and with Lani and Rut I made a very strong and very special friendship.  They are two amazing girls that I love very much.

With some people in the group, like Will and Jhon, I shared the habit of joking around a lot, sometimes to a point that seemed excessive, but really these were attitudes of friends that get together often and it strengthened our relationship.

With Kelly, Giles, and Amy, I could also goof around some, but with them I had a relationship that was one about sharing and learning together; with them I could grow.  They turned into teachers for me in many aspects.

With Pedro and Aleja, I viewed them as if they were family.  Like with many of my brothers and sisters who correct me and teach me in a more personal and more intimate form, I felt a familiarity with these two that I rarely feel.

Simon1-editThis initiation also has been to get to know different Anabaptist churches, which despite sharing the Anabaptist roots, are very different in their way of seeing God and in teaching His word.

And now the group has separated, the family has separated, but with the many things that connect us and unite us, despite the distance we continue being a family.

Looking forward to the reunion.


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