Prayers for Peace in Chocó

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(Collected by Amy Eanes)

The need for peace in Chocó is not something abstract. The presence of armed groups, land exploitation through industrial mining, poverty, and a lack of basic resources for living impact the daily life of the people in this department. These are some of the answers by the people of Choco to the questions: How do you see peace in Chocó? And my prayer for peace in Chocó is:

  • Peace in Chocó is very complicated because of all of the different actors involved in the conflict and because of the reign of poverty in the department. My prayer for peace in Chocó is that God will enter into the hearts of all the Chocoanos so that the peace of God will be possible in our department. Jabez (Jesús Alfredo Benitez), Mennonite Brethren Church of the Redeemer.
  • Choco-DOPA5In Chocó peace is needed because many abnormal things take place here and because of growing insecurity. The lack of good conscience and the lack of stability in public order impact us all. My prayer for peace goes like this: Lord, I ask that you bring peace to Chocó because you are peace.  Come to Chocó and bring tranquility, love and harmony to our land. I also ask for the church, that you will sustain us in midst of such violence and insecurity. Amen. ~Lidis Yajaira Quinto, Interamericana Emanuel Church
  • Peace in Chocó appears complicated because everyday violence increases, due to the growth of illegal armed group. My prayer for peace in Chocó is that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace, will help and guide us to obtain this peace. ~Yelisa Morena, Mennonite Brethern Church Peniel
  • Peace in Chocó is not real peace, because everyone is searching for their own form of peace. My prayer for peace in Chocó is: Loving God, I give you thanks because you are good and I ask you to fill Chocó with your peace and goodness. Thank you God in the name of Jesus. Amen. ~Luz Mary Valois, Mennonite Brethern Church of Sinaí
  • I would say that in Chocó there is no peace because there are many conflicts. There are still many armed groups and we feel afraid. My prayer for peace in Chocó is: God permit that each person repents and seeks you with all of their hearts. ~María Lila Mosquera, Sión Church
  • Peace here is difficult and we have not done anything to mitigate the conflicts that are here. We need to work on activities. My prayer for peace in Chocó is: Lord, allow all conflicts here to end as well as the ending of all illegal armed groups so that we can travel freely to live in peace and without fear. ~Yesica Mosquera, El Divino Redentor Church
  • It would be better to have peace because there would be fewer deaths, less disorderly young people, and more believers. There are signs of peace and people are evangelizing.  My prayer for Chocó is: Father in the name of Jesus we give you thanks for your love and your greatness. We ask you Lord that you give us peace in our hearts so that we can go out and announce your good news of salvation. Allow that your hearers will be able to understand your word and put that word in action in their lives. ~Rubiela Borja Mosquera, Iglesia Jerusalén de los Hermanos Menonitas
  • Peace looks like an unstable desire. Sometimes there are glimpses of what peace could look like but then they remain only a dream because of the armed groups in the department and their guilt in creating an absence of peace. My prayer for the peace of Chocó is that all of the people of Chocó, we will arrive at a point of reconciliation and forgiveness and follow the path of gentleness and love in Christ Jesus. ~Leidwar Quinto Mosquera, Iglesia Nueva Vida de los Hermanos MenonitasChoco-DOPA1

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