A Prayer for Peace in Chocó

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Four years ago, the Mennonite Brethren churches of Chocó decided that they would start a social ministry as a way of evangelizing and meeting needs in the surrounding region. Through the support of MCC, the regional churches, and other organizations, Ministerio Social provides workshops and programs in several different areas of need. These initiatives range from an agricultural foundation aimed at promoting alternatives to growing coca to providing micro loans for small businesses; from an HIV prevention and sexual health education program to other workshops promoting political advocacy, responding to trauma, and peace building. Another project provides training to different churches in the region with the goal of strengthening and organizing church ministries. Through MCC’s Global Families program, the church sponsors children in different communities through teaching them about self-care and values while also providing a meal or snack. The context of Chocó is complex and often difficult, but the churches are responding in real ways to Jesus’ call to work for peace and healing.


All: We pray for Chocó and the Mennonite Brethren Church

Group 1: for the pastors

Group 2: for the congregations

Group 3: for their ministries


Choco-DOPA2All: We pray for the rural farmers

G1: who have faced crop fumigation by the government

G2: displacement by armed groups

G3: or destruction of available farmland by multinational mining corporations


G1: We pray for those with HIV

G2: those who face stigma and discrimination

G3: and for the women who are victims of oppression and sexual violence


All: We pray for the children and youth of Chocó

G1: For the ones who don’t have hope

G2: For those who go hungry

G3: For the church volunteers who give of their time to these children


All: We pray for the indigenous people of Chocó and the discrimination they face


Choco-DOPA3All: We pray for peace

G1: We pray for those living amidst ongoing violence

G2: Those that live with trauma

G3: Those that work for healing


All: We recognize that working for peace is complicated

G1: Building peace can be messy

G2: Building peace can be painful

G3: Building peace can be a slow process


All: But we pray for strength and wisdom for those following the example set by Jesus as they work for peace and justice for the marginalized in Chocó


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