Processes that CPT Colombia Accompanies

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CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams) Colombia voluntarily joins together with non-violent resistance movements of small-scale farming communities and organizations that fight for permanency, defense of life, and territory through partnerships to transform dynamics of oppression.

Processes and organizations that we accompany:

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CAHUCOPANA – Corporation of Humanitarian Action for Coexistence and Peace of Northeast Antioqueño accompanies small-scale farmers and miners in northeast Antioqueño for defense and permanency in the territory.


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NUEVA ESPERANZA: Small-scale farming community that is holding a legal battle against the Barreto family for the right to permanency on the land.


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EL GARZAL: Small-scale farming community that, together with the community of Nueva Esperanza, continues in a legal battle against the Barreto family for the permanency of the farming families in the region.


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COMUNIDAD EL GUAYABO: Sixty-three families are non-violently resisting on the farms of the town of Guayabo for permanency in the territory.


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FINCA LAS PAVAS: With faith and living hope, and in a non-violent manner, the organization ASOCAB (“Association of Small-Scale Farmers of Buenos Aires”) resists the continual attacks of the palm oil business APORTES SAN ISIDRO that seeks to displace the farmers of Las Pavas.


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OFP (Popular Feminine Organization) 40 years – This organization works with women in the Magdalena region through education, empowerment, and recognition of the role of women in society by making visible the power dynamics that legitimize violence against women.


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