Resistance as a Political Factor of Faith

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When I think about faith, Jesus always comes to my mind as the model to follow in the Christian walk, but which of the characteristics of Jesus is the most important for the social processes with which we are working? In Colombia the campesinos, the African-Colombians, and the Indigenous struggle not only for land but also to defend their territory and their identity. The land is not only used to cultivate and live off of, it is there that we find the roots of identity of each of these.

Today in Colombia the processes of defending and maintaining permanence in the territory have converted into the central theme around which rotate the majority of the injustices in our country. In the social process of recognizing the properties of the campesinos, Afro-Colombians and Indigenous groups, they are always losing against the national and international structures that attempt to take advantage of the territories, destroying then and converting them into inhabitable desserts. The following Bible text reflects a little the stance I support, the just use of the land and how in this country the powerful give more priority to injustice and pain over God’s supreme mandate to care for and administer correctly creation:

 It is the story of my friend

That I want to sing

It is the story of my friend

Allow me to begin:

My good friend had

A vine that he loved

Caring for it like none other.


Listen now to the ending

Of my sad song

The vine of God was entrusted

To the bosses of Israel

He hoped for justice

Only abuses were harvested

For this I will dispute

The vine I am going to take from you all

And to the poor I will give it

Because the others have been

Corrupted day laborers

Now you will know who I am


Men of Jerusalem

Habitants of Judah

Come all to judge

What more could I do?

For the vine that I planted?

What more could I have given you?

All of the land processes that organizations like MCC, JustaPaz, and Christian Peace Maker Teams accompany make up part of a long list of acts of resistance against the structures that seek to destabilize life and finance progress at the cost of the wellbeing of few and the sacrifice of thousands. Resistance is not an empty action. Many of the processes that struggle and resist are processes that are born of faith, a faith that pierces political structures and puts into harmony all acts of kindness in favor of the conservation and respect of life.

For this reason any act of resistance or abstention that a person exercises due to conscientiousness in order to defend life and ensure respect for equality are definitely political stances and as a Christian I can say, “That life cannot be negotiated and dignity has no price.”

In the middle of these processes God will take away the vine and the power of the unjust and will give it to the poor, who in individual and collective acts of faith have decided to defend life and transform death and oppression into hope for all who suffer.

jhon-blog 5

On June 26 the community of Guayabo made a human chain to defend their land from forced displacement by the anti-riot police. For me this photo reflects the resistance of the peasant farming communities and the defence of life that has its roots in the land.

Jhon Henry Camargo Varela


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