Mampujan’s Mural

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My new home, Mampujan, is a community full of hard working people, who offer much hospitality, are super happy, and have so much love for one another.

Mampujan is in a process with those who wish to return to the place from which they were displaced; this place is 7 kilometers from their current home.

As part of the process, they took the initiative to create a mural in which they show the different components of the displacement and of returning.  Many people in the Mampujan community worked on this mural, with the help of two artists that were leading this activity.Mural mampujan-edit smaller

I also participated in this mural.  They asked me to paint three very large donkeys and they gave me a sheet which I could use as a guide.  After almost an hour of hard work painting these donkeys, I finally finished.  I felt proud and happy; to me they looked like donkeys, but to everyone else, they looked like ant eaters.  They made fun of me the whole entire week, and they still do, but thank God a girl from Mampujan fixed the ant eaters in a very creative way and now they do look like donkeys.

In the mural, we can find different animals that are significant to them, like the donkeys that carry the harvests, horses that help transport and work in the fields, cows, pigs, chickens.

Also in it, we find an Afro woman that represents the part of their identity as an Afro community.  She has corn on her chest, which is one of the main crops that they cultivate.

In addition, one can see houses in flames in the left side of the mural.  These represent their displacement.  And to the right side, one can see a sun of many different colors, representing a new dawn for the community.

This mural is very significant for these people: it represents their story before, during, and after the displacement; it represents their desire to return, to grow as a community, and to be visible in this country.


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