Getting to know Jesus

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I know Jesus and I meet him every morning, he uses the same route as I do. He is a humble man and he has a donkey and horse to prove it. He travels all the way from Witrera (a neighbour that is far from the city) with his horse drawn cart every morning to begin his daily work routine. He is one of the many carretillerosCarretilleros are horse or donkey cart transporters, though slower that modern transportation their services are low cost.  Recently I had a chance of spending a morning with him. After a strenuous morning of delivery services we took break as we waited for clients to make orders. He turned out to be a good story teller and he had a lot of interesting life views. IMG_1736 He told me that he has spent 70% the past 15 years with Niña (his horse). He speaks to her as though she were a human, funny she also listens and neighs back. Occasionally the police nag the carretilleros because their business is not legally approved, they are not allowed to travel on main roads of streets with heavy traffic, which in a city like Cali it is almost impossible. I had first-hand experience, and was impressed by how the Cali citizens respected Jesus and Niña as they were treated like any other vehicle on the road; though he slowed down the cars no one sounded their horns or cursed at him instead most people greeted him. IMG_1738 He told me that the carretilleros are the corner stone of the Cali transportation system. He mentioned that occasionally there are road blockades that obstruct the city transportation system (Mio), when Cali citizens decide to show their frustration with the municipality. Proudly he expressed that he has never been a victim a road blockade, nor has ever participated in one. He said that was evidence of how the common people appreciated them. Spending a day with him made me realize the simple lifestyle of service that he had. He offered free transportation to elderly women that he saw walking on the street and the aspect of not making money didn’t seem to bother him. Just a lunchbox of mixed rice was sufficient for him, and that’s all he had for the day, at least for the time I was with him. IMG_1739 The carretilleros are often viewed as poor people trying to make ends meet, however surprisingly Jesus had a lot to say about this. He stated that he was probably one of the wealthiest people in the city, he had the best view of the city, he is never in a hurry and he always makes it safely. After I told him that my name is Godswill, he happily smiled and said it is God’s will that Jesus is in Cali.


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