Political advocacy and peace building

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In March of 2015 as part of Seed’s relfection component, as a group we spent time discussing the different ways that MCC accompanies the work its partners does in the fields of political advocacy and peace building. To foment reflection, one of the various activities that we participated in were a series visits to four communities in the Caribbean Coast where Sembrandopaz, a long-standing partner of MCC in Colombia, is working.

One of the communities we visited was Pichilin, where the Seeder Alejandra Arboleda accompanies the processes supported by Sembrandopaz.

The community organized a few activities and a beautiful welcome for the visiting Seed group. The Seeders were given a guded historical tour of the community. The community also showed the group their traditional crops such as tobacco, yuca, beans and ñame. And to finish the visit the group was shared in a delicious community cheese soup lunch.

If you would like to know more about Pichilin and the Semilla program, please read Alejandra’s blogs or visit our Facebook page. If you are interested in applying, the application is currently open here in Colombia! Please send a resume and letter of interest to seedprogram@mcc.org or if you have questions please contact Nate Howard <nathanielhoward@mcc.org> the Seed program co-facilitator.

Paradigmas de Incidencia desde CCM-web edit

Advocacy paradigms from the MCC perspective

Estudiando Incidencia Política1-web edit

Studying political advocacy

Estudiando Incidencia Política-web edit

Studying political advocacy

Bienvenida de Los Pichilineros-web edit

Welcome from the people of Pichilín

Productos tipicos de Pichilín-web edit

Typical products from Pichilín

Acueducto en Pichilín-web edit

Aqueduct in Pichilín

Almuerzo Comunitario en Pichilín-web edit

Community lunch in Pichilín

Semilla en Libertad-web edit

Seed in Libertad

Semilleras En los Montes de María-web edit

Seeders in the Montes de María

Semilleros en  Los Montes de María-web edit

Seeders in the Los Montes de María

Almuerzo Comunitario en Mampujan-web edit

Community lunch in Mampujan

IMG_20150306_113001-web edit


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