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Life is a spiral of lived experiences, emotions, and lessons that many times get interrupted by violence, pain, and in many cases by death.  It is said that human passions repeat themselves without ceasing in time, like a mirage; I don’t know.

I only know that we live in a constant cycle of life, one day we are born, in others we grow, and one day we die.  For me, the important thing is the meaning that we give to life, not just emotional highs nor the search for fleeting happiness.

Loving God and one’s neighbor was the center of Jesus’ message, showing a clear example that the search for meaning is much more than self-centeredness. To love is to serve, a part of life that implies joys and sacrifice, not speeches, and a coherency shown throughout time.

La paz es más qe una palabra, son acciones-web edit

Peace is more than a word, it is actions.

Here are some words enclosed in a poem about the temporality of human actions, either daily or far off…


In a second a life blooms, in a second it is taken away

Human hands of self destruction, decide in time to create pain

Cries in the silence make a surrounding echo, voices raise up

The unspeakable hearts that knead hope


One minute we gain everything, in another lose it all

The gambling of lives gathers tears

The arid desert calls for water a thousand times summoned

The mud that scatters ashes wants it to rain justice


In one hour decisions are made, in another they are torn apart

Premeditated insanities become actions

Far off lightning bugs light up the darkness

And simple songs become blazing flames of passion


On some days a rose blooms, on others it shrivels

Grief in the heart, pain with thorns

Eyes light up the dawn

Sincere forgiveness wants a friendly hand


Time turns on a clock that moves without pretension

Justice walks with no rush, pain with desperation

Someone far off yells Hear it by God!

“I have cried a thousand sorrows, but I have forgiven you by love.”

The beauty is in our hands.

The beauty is in our hands.

Translated by Lani Pickard

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