The Great Micoahumado

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The social reality, sadly unknown by many, a blessing and a challenge to know it for others

The delegation visit of SEED to Micoahumado was a huge blessing.  Meeting great people, hearing stories, heartbreaks and joys, were opportunities that not everyone has in this country, or even in the world.

The sentence at the beginning was an idea that came to my mind as I thought about Micoahumado, CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams), the people like us who have arrived as visitors, and other people or organizations that are far away from the conflict.

(Sadly unknown by many)

It makes me think about the bubble that we live in, without knowing the difficulties of many and how sometimes our own daily actions affect these problems in one way or another; how the television and other means of communication show us a country and a conflict so different from the one that is lived day to day in communities like Micoahumado.  It is sad that the most important and most watched media doesn’t even show 1% of these problems and the work of divulging the reality has to be assumed by other institutions or people.

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(A Blessing)

One of Micoahumado’s community leaders said, “Without God, nothing that we do makes sense.”  It impresses me how in the midst of such a difficult social reality, one of the key people in the community hasn’t lost his north (GOD), and that he recognizes the importance of God in these processes.  This is not only impressive, but it also shows how the problem nor the reality matter, because if God is not in these processes, there is no reason to continue.

(A challenge to know it)

The love and the respect that the community has for CPT is impressive, and it generates a great responsibility for them.  Becoming involved in such a large process as in this community involves risks that not many are willing to take on for someone else.  Taking on the role of divulging the conflict generates risks and still, they take on that role.  Also, it is a challenge because the suffering of others becomes one’s own suffering and managing these emotions is not easy.

I highlight the excellent work done by CPT and every one of their members.

(Social Reality)

Micoahumado is living a very serious armed conflict; because of armed groups people have been injured, animals have died, and the safety and peace of the people are being lost.  This is not a new conflict, it is a conflict from a long time ago, in which the leaders and the community in general lift up the voices to demand their rights to life and safety.

No more victims, no more death, no more violence.

The Right to Live in Micoahumado

(Translated by Lani Pickard)

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