Poem for A Friend

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When thinking about how special and valuable that my time here in Colombia has been, I am convinced that it is due to the people that I have met. Sincere friendships that I am sure are going to last over time and distance. People who with their stories, faith and hope, have inspired me each day to carry on.  Among these people, I want to tell you about Thomas – my friend, mentor and director of one of the projects that I have had that pleasure to serve in: the Childrens Capacitation Centre in the community El Progreso, Soacha. Below, I share with you the poem that I wrote for him; it describes how significant he has been for me:

Poem for A FriendPedro1

Thank you

How grateful I am with God, my friend.

The soul is a skin tattooed with difficulty

But when achieved, it is difficult to erase

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Each word, each smile, each gaze

You have made me grow

Your words, many times touched my heart

And I have heard the voice of God through your life

Edifying and building.

Two pieces of advice

Let me give you just two pieces of advice …

Let me give you just two small pieces of advice,

Not much

while the virtues of the soul, simplicity and greatness exist.

The first was make your “being” more important

than your “doing”

(Thank you for this one)

The second, live every moment

As if your last moment was yesterday

(Thanks again for this other one)

Feel, live, fightPedro 2

Your story, your battles,

A man always human,

A man who feels in his silences,

That laughs, that cries, that dances in life.

Another giant thank you,

Written with little ink,

And God,

As an accomplice to your stories,

As the melody to your song,

Today you inspire me,

I dream that tomorrow I would inspire you.

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