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There are many people in Mampuján whom I admire, and each one has an impressive story. Julia Ramírez is a woman who has an impressive story, filled with challenges, difficulties, and happiness. As a person, her story has touched my heart in an unexplainable way.

During a conversation that I had with Julia, she said something that impacted me: “Torin, Anna, Lani, y Simon – you have arrived to change my life.” Torin and Anna were Seeders a few years ago, just as Lani and I now are. But from my perspective, she arrived to changed my life, and even when I am no longer living in Mampuján, she will be a woman that I will never forget.

Julia was always a very shy woman; normally she wouldn’t allow you to interview her, but she gave me the honor of recording her telling her life’s story in three parts. The great miracle that God performed was that she was able to recooperate her ability to walk, her experience on the day of her forced displacement, and her return to the place from where she was displaced.

Some think that people who are community leaders, or businesspeople, or rich people are those who can influence lives and create change. But in my life, it was this woman, a house wife, in a humble home, who touched my heart and impacted me forever.

Here is the video in Spanish:

Translated by Amy Eanes


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