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Volunteers from the Mennonite Church of Ibague and and Seeds of Hope in a training workship by CEAS.

Two years of my life have already gone by in Colombia.  The time has flown, but the experience has been embedded in my memory. I have broken down stereotypes, leaving behind certain ideologies and strengthening others. I am thankful to God for this opportunity. I would also like to thank all the people who have been part of my life for the last two years: my multicultural Seed family and MCC, friends from the communities of the Mennonite Church of Ibagué, Semillas de Esperanza (Seeds of Hope), and MENCOLDES. I treasure their friendship and what I have learned. Perhaps there are not sufficient words, but I can only say, many, many thanks.


Children’s Camp 2015


To see noises, smell words, speak landscapes

Discover parallel worlds

Full of people and meanings

To walk the wide world and be a tiny point within its mark


Curious glances, strange questions, funny responses

Come before trust

Large hands, small and medium

Press firmly the slippery fingers that don’t understand anything


I find with partial freedoms

Thorns in wounded skin

Bleeding and crying out for pity

Loud touches, at the same time imperceptible, in the door of the bakery


Liberating voices come before actions

Brotherly and sisterly hugs

Flowers that spread fragrant aromas

Like a banner waving on the horizon


The path goes on

I set out on another march

But with me remain traces that cannot be erased

A tattoo of experiences that have permeated my soul.

Semilla 3

Seed 3

Translated by: Amy Eanes


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