In the midst of the circumstances… 

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In this last opportunity to write to you all, I want to open my heart and share some of the things I’ve personally learned during my time in SEED – Colombia, affirming that I have truly lived a time of great growth:

  1. Service comes out of love.  Before serving others, I need to learn to love them.
  2. My testimony is built out of the “small things;” these “small things,” punctuality, responsibility, stewardship of money, receiving corrections, etc., reflect my character, the true essence of who I am.
  3. To walk towards a spirituality of virtue that integrates my thirst to know, feel, and act.
  4. To be present, connect myself to what is happening in the here and now, and not get lost anticipating the future or in the sands of the past.
  5. I have learned to embrace pain, the ugly, the uncomfortable; we lose so much strength resisting what we don’t like, we always want to avoid passing through the valleys of shadows, but God invites us to traverse these shadows and live the wonderful miracle of how God uses these experiences for our own good.  “Nothing makes us as great as pain healthily worked through.  Nothing makes us so petty as suffering worked through unhealthily”… Gabriela Mistral
  6. Peace is the most noble prayer and path that a person can have.  Believing in peace and staying firm in that belief has been one of my greatest challenges.  Living in communities terrorized by violence where it is very easy to lose faith and hope, we hear time and time again, phrases like, “This world is messed up,” and many times, unconsciously or on purpose, I have ended up assimilating these sayings.  However, looking at the scriptures and receiving the testimony of the Holy Spirit in my heart, I recognize that God is a God of Peace, his word is the word of peace and makes the path of peace possible.
  7. To be willing to let go of control and let the Holy Spirit act.

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