The Conclusion of One Process but the Beginning of Another 

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The SEED experience was one of a kind.  It really was nothing like what I expected; my expectations where somewhere else entirely, but it was better than I had hoped.  The lessons that I learned during the process are incredibly useful in my life.

Initially, I began in Medellín, supporting the Fountain of Peace Mennonite Brethren Church.  I had the opportunity to serve full time in the church, and even though, as a pastor’s child, I had had the experience before, this time it was very different – the people, the context, the dynamics of the church – all of this made the experience unique.  I know that from that experience, I now have many tools that I can apply to the place I return to or to whatever place God leads me.

The second part of my service with SEED was in Sembrandopaz and living in a rural community called Mampuján.  This was totally new for me.  To live in a rural community was something that greatly impacted my lifestyle, my way of treating others, and aspects of my way of behaving.

I am someone who easily gets attached to people and places; it is always hard for me to say goodbye.  Having to say goodbye to two places in this time is something very hard to accept; it’s a process that requires patience and time.

BlogI feel like I did not have a large impact on neither of the places because of the short time that I was in each place, but in my relationships with the people, on an emotional level, I feel like I gave my all and I left an impact in many people.  But what is even more important than the impact that I made on their lives, is the impact that they made on my life.  Despite the complaints, I love Mampuján and Medellin, I love their people, and each person left a huge impact in me.

I leave a piece of my heart in each place and I know that it is not the end of a process, but rather the beginning of another much larger process.  All of the lessons from these two years will help me to live whatever comes from here on.

I hope to be able to return at some point to these two places.  I am eternally grateful to the people that I met in this entire process.




Translated by: Lani Pickard


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