Welcome to Seed IV

Greetings, on behalf of the new participants of Seed Colombia IV! On February 15th, we met in Johannesburg, South Africa to begin another cycle of Seed Colombia. Three months later, many of the Seeders have much improved Spanish and better skills in navigating Bogotá, as well as a deeper understanding of the complexities of the Colombian conflict and the work of Anabaptist churches and institutions in building peace.

photo de grupo

The team

We are a diverse team coming from six different countries: Brendah from Uganda, Daniel from Canada, Albin from Colombia, Carrie from the United States, Carolina from Brazil, Josiel from Colombia, Lweendo from Zambia, Leanna from Canada; and co-facilitators Carolina from Colombia and myself, Giles, from the U.S.

Together, we spent two weeks in South Africa and then two and half months here in Bogotá learning about the work of MCC, peacebuilding, power and privilege, the Colombian context and conflict, among many other themes.

On May 10th the Seeders traveled to various parts of Colombia to accompany groups, communities, churches, and institutions in their work of peacebuilding. While each one is settling in to a new climate, different work pace, and learning many new names and faces, we as a team would like to first share with you some reflections and thoughts from our first few months together.

Within the next few weeks, the Seeders, will be sharing with you the challenges, highlights, and surprises of our first two and half months, from our start in Johannesburg to our full days in Bogotá until our departures to different corners of Colombia.

photo de grupo sa

Leading worship in South Africa

We hope you enjoy this first round of blogs, and continue to follow and be challenged by the experiences and stories of the Seeders as they live and serve in different pockets of Colombia over the next two years.


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