Cazuca: In the Midst of Violence, Struggling to Live


Neighborhood of ‘El Progreso’

Cazuca is the fourth of six zones in the municipality of Suacha, a city located to the west of Bogota. This sector is located in the eastern extreme of Suacha. Many people who are fleeing violence in different parts of Colombia arrive to this sector. Many of the them are humble people looking to move forward.

I have spoken with Mr. Tomas Tarazona, a resident of the neighborhood “El Progreso” in Cazuca.

After listening to Mr. Tomas, for me there remains the task to continue getting to know Cazucá with the different challenges that each day brings, and most importantly continue getting to know its people, because, as Mr. Tomas said, in the midst of violence, there are many very good people. And I have been able to see it in this time I’ve spent in Cazuzá: people that are willing to help and give to others from the little they have, and it is important to make them visible in their work!

Translated by: Carrie Vereide

Subtitles by: Giles Eanes


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