Walking in Hope

In Colombia, we have learned how to dream in the midst of difficulties, we have learned how to pick ourselves up when we fall.

In Colombia, we have people who have been victims of natural disasters, victims of the government, victims of armed groups- those of the state and those in the margin of the law, and people who have been victims of indifference, the kind of indifference of urbanites towards those of the rural areas. For one cause or another, all are victims. Some might even say that in Colombia we are all victims just for the act of living.


However, in spite of all of these circumstances, people dare to dream. They still work in the fields, they still struggle to build schools, reconstruct walls of houses in villages that have been hit hard by the violence. People still have hope in building a Colombia that thinks of the countryside, of the poor, a country where people can help change conditions and where the victims help one another to to get our from a state of vulnerability, instead of re-victimizing each other with our actions, laws, and indifference.

People are walking, they are building a country from cultural acts, from natures beauty, from the reconstruction of the social fabric, from the solidarity among families, neighbors, and villages. People are searching for ways of continuing onward, honorably but justly, in spite of the difficulties they may find.

During the next weeks, we are going to be sharing those dreams, actions, and thoughts from these people whom we accompany in their communities and for one reason or another have been victims in Colombia.

We invite you to share these dreams, hopes and struggles for a Colombia where peace not only is the absence of violence but rather the generation of these conditions of a dignified and just life.


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