Dreams Within the Campo

We all dream. We have small dreams, we have big dreams, we have silly dreams, and we have dreams that could change the world. People in the city can dream, people in poverty can dream, and people in rural places can dream.

Often times, when we talk about dreams in rural areas we talk about leaving the rural life to live in an urban setting. The urban setting is often where people see their dreams being completed. However, in Pichilin the people have powerful dreams for their community- within their community that they want to see completed.

Last week I had the opportunity to talk with some of the youth about what their dreams are for their community. I was struck by how profoundly beautiful, simple and important their dreams are. Here are four dreams of four youth in Pichilin:

“My dream for my community is to have a park for children. I want to have a safe and fun place where the children can play. I don’t want my children to have to leave Pichilin every time they want to go to a park.”

“My dream for Pichilin is for every house to have beautiful gardens, with many flowers, and lots of trees for shade. I want people from all over the world to come to Pichilin to see the gardens.”

“For me, in Pichilin, my dream is to have a recreation center where we can play sports. I want to see clean water come to Pichilin, water that is safe for drinking. Lastly, I want to see an improved health centre.”

“My dream for Pichilin is better education. I want to see the primary school improve and for a high school to come to Pichilin. I don’t want the kids here to have to leave to other towns to study. I want for my kids to be able to study here in Pichilin.”

When I was talking to these four youth about their dreams, something that was so evident was their love and passion for Pichilin. All four of these youth do not have a desire to leave the rural life; because they see value and beauty in it. The youth told me that what they admire about Pichilin is the quiet and the nature. However, what makes them want to stay in Pichilin is the people because they are full of humility and respect.

Another thing that I noticed was that the youth have an immense optimism for their community. They feel that because Pichilin is currently in a time of peace, that they can achieve all of their dreams for their community. Right now, the youth feel that they can walk freely, talk with confidence, and achieve whatever they want. They know that if their community is united and is fighting for the same things, that their dreams can and will be achieved.  

It’s important to remember that people in the rural life have dreams that don’t just consist of leaving to live in the city. They want to see their community thriving, to maintain its beauty, to better itself, to enjoy the quiet, to value family and a strong social fabric and to live in peace.


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