Colombia and Its Victims

The conflict that Colombia has lived for more than 6 decades has left many victims because of the different armed groups, both illegal and from the State. Here is the history of one of these victims.

We will call her Marian for security reasons. She was born in the department of Meta (map figure) and 13 years ago she was displaced by the conflict that was occurring between the army and the FARC guerrilla group.



A conflict that worsened in 2000 with the arrival of the paramilitary groups.

She now lives in San Nicolás, a neighborhood in the municipality of Suacha south of Bogotá D.C. Upon arriving here she went to a place where they give help to displaced people; after some time passed, she started to work and her children to study.

I prepared to ask her some questions, and these were her answers.

What do you think about the agreement between the government and the FARC?

I don’t believe in it very much because in both cases they have killed and they continue as if nothing happened. We have to wait and see.

How do you feel after the vote?

I voted Yes, but I knew that No was going to win because it’s not in the interest of the rich that this conflict ends.

What’s your dream for your country?

To see something better for my country and for my children. I conclude by saying, God will know!

We can conclude by saying that in Colombia there are many victims like this woman, but they haven’t just stayed put despite the fact that sometimes it’s difficult to get up, but they are people that struggle and give it their all. Many return to their land, others are not able to do so, but where they are, they work hard to give their family a better future, and they fight for a better country.


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