A Pause in the Path

It’s hard to believe, but a little over one year ago, we began a new Seed cycle. Eight young adults from six different countries made the decision to continue their journey here in Colombia, accompanying and learning from our Colombian brother and sisters.

One important aspect that the Seed program embraces is intentionally talking about and experimenting with different forms of reflection. But why spend time analyzing one’s own learning? I remember well the rhythm of life had after one year of living in Choco. At times, it was easy to go about a task, whether it was accompanying a workshop or a trip downriver to visit farmers. Days went by, I continued developing relationships, continued learning. But there came a times when I would become frustrated, other times when this rhythm of life simply became ordinary. Either way, I remember that the intentional act of reflecting, of talking about the why’s, to dig a little deeper, helped me not only to understand why I was seeing things a certain way, but also connect dots between dynamics that other Seeders and myself were experiencing. So perhaps this being intentional, this pause in our work gives us a little more significance to work that at times can feel directionless. Perhaps it helps us climb out of a place of doubt or being paralyzed and continue onward.

We understand that as young people, transitioning into perhaps a new culture, learning another language, adjusting to different expectations and daily rhythms can be challenging and frustrating while at the same time, incredibly rewarding.  This tool of reflection, whether it be through internal meditation, discussions with a neighbor, or with other Seed team participants via our internet forum, is useful in the adjustments we make as we enter and live in a new context. Therefore, we encourage the young adults who participate in Seed to experiment with different forms of reflective tools as they take part in day to day life in their communities; to be an intentional, active accompanier.

We have asked each Seeder, to help mark the mid-point of their two years participating in Seed, to take some time and share some reflections on their first year in Colombia. We understand that this is theme is very open ended, and that the stories they share will reflect the various emotions that one experiences over the course of a year.

We hope that as the Seeders share these personal memories, pains, frustrations, and joys, you keep an open heart for what you read. We remember that each Seeder is continuing their personal journey, each one distinct from the other, but each valuable.


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