Beautiful, Difficult, and Transformative

“What is most difficult, most important, most necessary, and at any rate must be attempted, is conserving the will to struggle for a different society without falling into the paranoid interpretation of the struggle. What is difficult, but also essential, is to positively value respect and differences, not as a lesser evil and an inevitable fact, but as something that enriches life and catalyzes creation and thought, as that without which an imaginary community of the righteous would sing an eternal hosanna of satisfied boredom. We must question the value of following an easy path, not just because of its consequences, but to question the thing itself and its predilection for all for whom it does not require us to overcome anything, nor does it make us question ourselves, nor does it oblige us to unfold our possibilities.” Zuleta E.

During the past year, the Seeders as well as the communities and partners have had to undertake a difficult yet beautiful journey full of richness.

At times, they have been challenged with the language barrier, the culture, their own perspectives and imaginary ones about what should be; about what is normal, about expectations and dreams. It has been in this journey where the communities and seeders have been exposed and been made vulnerable and where mutual transformation has played a leading role.

Community receiving Seed

In this one year journey, we have had to learn from the stories of each person that we have shared with. We have learned about the context where we live, about Colombia and the violence. We have learned how difficult the path to peace-building can be for the communities that we are accompanying.

In the journey, we have had our limits, understandings, and stomachs challenged. We have come to realize that although we each have many abilities, perhaps we don’t know how to do everything; while we may have been formally educated, we don’t know everything. Most importantly though, we have come to learn that in the simple, small, or everyday things, there is a treasure waiting to be discovered and because it is so simple, so small, so common, it can be difficult to find.

We recognize that while the journey has not been easy, it has been a journey full of leanings that have come in many forms. It has been a journey that has been fruitful, one that has given us many friends that are accompanying us in building our future dreams, our dreams of change, justice, and hope.

In this year, while we have been walking, we have seen that, “At any rate [what] must be attempted, is conserving the will to struggle for a different society.” While we may not see many changes, or see sense in having hope, what we can do most of all, like the apostle Paul says, is, “Not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Therefore, in this difficult but beautiful journey that we have undertaken as Seed, we want to continue walking despite the hardships. We want to remain firm in our belief that in every opportunity to face ourselves with something that is different, is an opportunity that, Enriches life and catalyzes creation and thought.”

Thank you for accompanying us this past year. We encourage you to keep accompanying us in the journey of Seed Colombia.


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