The Work of Our Partners

Global warming, Climate change, Natural disasters, Contaminated water sources, Droughts, Floods, etc


For the 6th round of our blogs, we want to show the initiatives and efforts of organizations and small communities as they think about the environment and how they respond to the social dynamic, etc.

Today, in our world we can find many opinions around what humanity should do in the face of climate change. We find strong voices that say that it is false, that climate change is not occurring. At the same time, we hear, see, and live the effects of climate change.

A few weeks ago, I was in Peru and I saw some of the terrible effects of El Niño, the phenomenon that left many people without houses and many more people dead or disappeared. In Colombia, an avalanche killed 300 people. They say that in just that one day in Mocoa, Putumayo, they buried more people than in the last 40 years. Many people say that these events are simply natural disasters, others say God has caused them. However, Gustavo Wilches, a promoter of the natural environment affirms that “natural;” disasters are not anything more than the consequences of poorly thought out decisions about the issue of development. Therefore, all those things that happen in the environment are effects of the way we treat the earth.

Large scale mining

He says, “In the same way, even the relationship between disasters and mistakes or wrong development decisions that have been taken at some point is not yet so noticeable. However, every time people affected by the disaster says that this is not natural, that is, nature is not the cause, but rather we create the conditions where nature is passing us a bill that must be paid sooner or later.”

In the Montes de Maria, in Chocó, in the Magdalena Medio, in Suacha, all over Colombia, day by day we notice the terrible changes and effects of global warming and the form that we relate to our mother earth. It is for this reason that we want to focus this round of blogs on recognizing the initiatives and struggles that communities have undertaken to restore their relationship with nature as well as the importance of responding to the responsibility of being stewards of God’s creation.

We invite you to accompany us and follow closely the work of our partners in Colombia.

Translated by: Giles Eanes


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