Environment! A Call for Awareness

One of the topics most talked about these days because of climate change is taking care of the environment, but are we caring for the environment or, on the contrary, are we helping to destroy it?

Despite the different campaigns that we see daily about taking care of the environment, it’s common to find that the practices we have as citizens do not lead to this care.

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This is why the Children’s Training Center (C.C.N.), a social project of the Progreso Mennonite Brethren Church in Suacha, wants to educate the children about good environmental practices, with the vision that the children work in favor of taking care of the environment but also replicate what they learn at home.

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Caring for the environment is something that we should all be aware of, it’s something for which we should all work so that the education system teaches about it, because our land, our air, and our water are being contaminated, and the earth is suffering because of the bad practices of human beings.

First grade student presenting to the parents about what he learned during the year


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