To Teach and Be Taught

These photos show the different projects Juana and I are doing in Mampujan. The children are learning how to quilt, cook and bake, plant trees and paint. They are very determined and eager to learn, and I love the work we do.

Quilt Making

Mampujan is a displaced community known for the handmade quilts that women make, an activity that helped them receive the national peace prize in the 2015. In this photo, Juana Ruiz is teaching the children how to make quilts, which is a way of helping the kids not to forget the story of forced displacement, pain and violence their parents went through 17 years ago. Not only do they tell their story through sewing but they also teach them to know their roots as Afro-descendants.

Cooking and Baking

In these photos, the children are learning how to bake while enjoying learning some new English words and teaching me some Spanish words. This is always an interesting space of learning and sharing. 

Tree Planting

Tree planting is one of the projects the children are doing in Mampujan, they have planted 30 different types of trees so far and they hope to plant 50 to 60 more trees this year. They also hope to teach children in other communities about the importance of having trees and taking care of the environment.


These pictures show the art work the children are learning to do in Mampujan. This mural shows the dreams that the children have for their future community. They hope to have an abundance of water, trees and recreational parks in the next few years. They say their dreams cannot come true unless they participate in community building themselves.

In conclusion, I’m greatly inspired by Juana and the work we do. It’s a great and rare privilege as a Seeder to learn these things and to work with a person who has a true passion and love for the children.

I pray and hope that the things they are learning now will be a great impact both in their lives and the community at large. I believe that these children will be good citizens who will be willing to take care of the environment and change their community for the better.


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