To Already Know Oneself Resurrected

“However, in the face of oppression, plunder and abandonment, our response is LIFE. Neither the floods nor the plagues, nor the famines nor the cataclysms, not even the eternal wars through the centuries and the centuries have been able to reduce the tenacious advantage of life over death” Gabriel García Márquez (Gabo)

Grapes and Bread

The Seeders in the last few weeks told us stories. They introduced us to people who show us how life in the midst of difficulties, opens up, how men and women have resisted and as Gabo says, have reduced “the tenacious advantage of life over death”. These are stories that inspire us and ground our journey.

“They have threatened us with Resurrection, because we have felt their inert bodies, and their souls penetrated ours doubly fortified, because they will not be able to take away from us their bodies, their souls, their strength, their spirit, nor even their death and least of all their life. Because they live today, tomorrow, and always in the streets baptized with their blood, in the air that absorbed their cry, in the jungle that hid their shadows, in the river that gathered up their laughter, in the craters of the volcanoes, which swallowed up their ashes.” – Julia Esquivel

One of the things, that has been an inspiration for my life during my time with Seed, has been to have the possibility to see the resilience of the people in each of the communities where Seeders live. It has been very challenging, dazzling and enriching, making me rethink my life, love and hope to see the experiences of people throughout the country. It has been a constant invitation to live on a path of resurrection, on a road of resistance, a road against the powers that say that we are defeated.


“They have threatened us with Resurrection, because they are more alive than ever before, because they transform our agonies and fertilize our struggle, because they pick us up when we fall, because they loom like giants before the crazed gorillas’ fear.”  Julia Esquivel

Joy, solidarity, rice, cassava, stew always waiting to be shared, are things that give us strength, and encourage our souls to accompany communities that have been abandoned, violated and displaced, and that despite having lived or continuing to live in the midst of pain, are always ready to share life and resurrection.

“They have threatened us with Resurrection, join us in this vigil and you will know what it is to dream!
Then you will know how marvelous it is to live threatened with Resurrection! To Dream awake, to Keep watch asleep, to Live while Dying, to Walk in Hope, and to know ourselves already resurrected!” -Julia Esquivel


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